Happy 2nd Birthday Tyler

Tyler celebrated his 2nd birthday party on Aug 11, 2001.
However, He was offically 2 on Aug 4th. Can you guess
what the party theme was?  HINT: Look At The cake!

Answer: If you guessed Teletubbies, you are right;)

Mom Loves to enbarass me!! Future yearbook picture

My Table Setting.. Teletubbies, Teletubbies!!!

Dad, helping me open my presents. Actually he opened all of them.
The whole time I fussed and screamed and had no interest what so ever
with them. Arhg, maybe next year mom and dad;)

Gee. I wish I could eat this stuff more them once a year!

   I had a fun time, althought after the cake I was very tired
and messy so I took a bath and fell right asleep in my bed.
I had no time to play with my new toys;(. However in the
morning when I woke up, ALL my new toys were in my room.
I let mommy and daddy sleep in while I played and played!

UPDATE:  Im bored of my new toys;( When is Christmas?