A nice painting, mixing new and old on the side of a building in Quebec City.
(Feb 18, 2001)
Tyler sleeps next to an ice sculpture left over from Quebec's Winter Carnival.  It was 10 below zero that day.
(Feb 18, 2001)
The Columbia River, taken from the Oregon side on I-84W heading towards Portland.
(Apr 26, 2001)
Nice view of a waterfall in Oregon taken from I-84E heading toward Umatilla.
(Apr 27, 2001)
Offloading our cargo at a Naval storage facility on Indian Island, Washington.
(May 2, 2001)
The original main entrance for Fort Lewis.
(May 3, 2001)
Main entrance for the Yakima Training Center.  I got to stay three nights here and was finally able to meet some long distant relatives for the first time.
(May 5, 2001)
Statue of Liberty, taken from Liberty State Park in New Jersey.
(Jun 12, 2001)
New York City.  On the far left is Jersey City, Manhattan in the center, and Queens to the left.  Taken from Liberty State Park in New Jersey.
(Jun 12, 2001)
Niagra Falls from the Canadian side.  We drove 637 miles in 11 hours and 50 minutes.
(Jul 27, 2001)
Niagra Falls, from the top of the visitors center on the Canadian side.
(Jul 27, 2001)
Lake Ontario from the Canadian side.
(Jul 28, 2001)


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