December 13, 1988

Harvey Louis Nulliner - Born Jan. 22, 1917
eyes brown - hair brown.  Born in Belt, Mont.
Married - Mellie Brooks - Jan 1, 1946 in Salinas, Kansas.
Children 2 - son Harvery William Nulliner
Born Missoula - Dec. 24, 19XX.  eyes brown
hair brown. Married Linda Schied, Calif
Jan 19XX Children 3 Selena Sue born Sept. 19XX
in Fairfield Calif. married 19XX Bustle hair light brown - eyes brown
Sean Harvey Born Mar. 19XX Fairfield, Calif. eyes hazel
hair brown. Bettina Born July 27, 19XX Missoula Hair borwn
eyes hazel.
daughter Donna Lou born Jan 20, 1950. hair red
eyes brown. Married George Sherwood
Nov 19XX. Children 2 Betsy Jo born July 4, 19XX
in Missoula - hair red, eyes hazel. Ryan Robert
born Missoula April 19XX - hair brown eyes
Sister Florence Margaret Nulliner Born Belt, Mont. Mar. 1920
eyes brown, hair brown.  She had 3 daughters
Francis, Joan & Florence.  They were born in Missoula
but we don't have any more information about them or
any children they had.  She marries Jake Phelps in the
1930's but don't know just when, also she passes away
in Sanfrancisco but we don't know exactly when.

Brother John Johnston born in Scotland.  Am not sure
when, he has a wife named Alice & adopted a daughter
sometime in the 1950's.

Sister Ethel don't know middle name, She married a man
named Burris & had 2 children which we know nothing
about.  She passed away about 20 years ago.  She was
also born in Scotland.

Sister Una she married the brother of Ethels husband &
had 2 children we know nothing about.  She passed
away sometime during the 1940's.  She was also born
in Scotland.

My Dad and Myrtle were not part of your Grandmothers
family.  He was not her Father & Myrtle was his daughter
born to his first wife.

Harvey's daughter Selena is married to David Bustle, they
were married in Havre, Mont. 19XX & she has a son
Matthew Scott born Jan 3, 19XX in Havre.  He has red
blond hair & blue eyes.
Mother Jeanne Yule born 1874 Glasgow, Scotland
passed away 1952 Missoula.  Eyes brown hair auburn.
We know nothing about her before she married Harvey's
dad.  We don't even know what your Grandmother's
maiden name was as she didn't talk about her life before
Belt, Montana.

We hope this helps you & I hope I didn't leave anything

Aunt Mellie