Dear Scott,

I wish I could help you out on your family tree.  But I just don't have any information on brothers, sisters, only knew of my grandfather Jerry.  Dad had relatives that came out from Illinois that were third cousins.  They are probably still living in the Seattle area some where.  I lost track of them after my mother brought me to California.  Their names are Mr. & Mrs. Frank Huffer.  There childrens names were Howard Huffer, Norma Jean Huffer married & can't remember that last name.  You might be able to locate them like I was located.  It couldn't hurt to try.  They could probably give you more information, as they were from the Illinois area.  Some where around Peoria.  I beleive dad was from the Springfield are I guess.

Would appreciate what you find and I reall would like to know.  Like I said wish I could sure help more.

X ever,

Always wanted to do a family tree myself only just never got around to it.  How about sending me one, when you finish it.