Corvallis, Mont.
June 22, 1989

Dear Scott,

Well I finally found some of the papers.  It may help you a little.  I hope you are having a good summer vacation.  It has been quite cloudy an rains often over here.  An is cooler than other spring times have been.  May be it'll be a hot summer.

I got a call from your Aunt Robin.  She said, Heather had a baby girl June 10th your 2nd cousin.  Named it Brittnie Lee.  Heather an baby will be moving to Germany this fall when her husband is.

An your Aunt Ruby's girl had a baby girl the 18 of June.  Named it Octavia Jean, also your second cousin.  These are all your second cousins:

Samuel Goddard
Andy Dodd
Luke Simecek
Brandon Puccinelli

Lisa Michelle
Brittnie Lee
Octavia Jean
Girl (can't remember
Girl the name)
Amber Ashley
Amber Lynn

Well I better go now.  I get tired writing.  Am glad you are doing well in school.

Love Grandma.