Bowbells, No. Dak.
May 15, 1975

Dear Wayne & Lucille

Today was your dads funeral.  I am sending you one of the Memory from his funeral.  It was a small funeral but nice if any funeral can be called nice.  He looked so young they had his dark hair still in a crew cut.  To bad you kids couldn't come but I an sure everyone understood that its not so easy to get away.  He was buried beside his mother & dad.  Not by Dale & his brother.  The pen I was using had a loose point.

Here its the 15th of May and still no field work done.  We've had so much rain but of course the rain is good but hope it holds off now for a few weeks.  Earl & I are planing a trip to Texas to see Marlene & family as soon as springs work is sone but - the way its going we may not make is.  Do you kids plan to come home this sumer?  School will soon be out .  I know Stacey can hardly wait.  She's had a busy year.  She goes into the 4th grade next year and that other little one - well she's something else.  She won't need to go to school she knows everything now and she's a very good teacher.  She's up here first thing every morning.  But we love her and would really miss the little brat.  Bet you enjoy those grandchildren of yours.  It's so nice to have them close.  We are looking forward to seeing Phyllis & Forrest the end of May.  Talked to your Mom on Monday and she seems to feel pretty good, but she works so darn hard.

Well kids must get some more work done.  But do write sometime.

as Ever
Earl & Florence