Jamestown, ND
April 28, 1989


Leroy Mogren, my name is Cynthia "Bodeen" Messmer.  Granddaughter of Arvid an Christine Bodeen.

I has written to "Mountrail County Social Services" asking after the Family of Risberg or Bodeens.  A Dale Ellis of the Service, returned a nice note, saying they could not find either name.  But that a Mr. Art Hedberg one of the board members, would take a copy of my letter to Parshall and ask about.

And from all this, I got a phone call from Fred Ahlgren in Parshall.  This is so wonderful.

He tells me his family lived across the fence from the Bodeen's, he and my dad were youngsters together.

Also that you are a grandson of Lillian Risberg "sho had been Christine's foster mother" have I got that straight.  Your mother would have been like a sister with Christine.

Am I right that a Agnes Peterson... a sister to your grandma Risberg is still living and there around Kenmare.

I will not ask my hundreds of questions right now.  But do hope you will share what you can with me.

This Fred Ahigren is going to send me my uncle Allen Bodeen's address.  I will be so happy to at last be able to write him.

Uncle Clarence just will not be sociable.  But will surley pass his address on if you need it.
Clarence Bodeen
208 Colorado Ave. N.W.
Great Falls, Montana

If he has a phone it is not listed.  He never married, this address was Christines home.

My dad Walter Bodeen died in 1961 but left 13 children, there are many gran- and great gran-children.  I the eldest daughter of Walters gang.  Our mom did remarry bu he to died.  She is in poor health lieves in Corvallis, Montana.  Name being Lucy Simpson at her death she will go bedside Walter in Kalispell, Montana.

Enough this time

Are you folks farmers?  Bless all

Cynthia Messmer
517 H.P.V.
Jamestown, N. Dak.

ph. 252-4408