Hi, Scott

How interesting, your doing a family history.  An I will share what I can.  Right now I myself am trying to trace down family.

Send off a letter yesterday to the office Immigration in Washington, D.C. to see if they have papers on you dads - dads- other, coming over from Sweden.  Also have letters out to other places.  Wouldn't it be great to find well still have family members in Sweden.  Trying to find things on her is tough.  She was orphaned.  Came to the U.S.A. "when" who sent her.  Lived with a foster family in Stanley, N.D.  It is not certain if the name she used was her own from birth or if she took the name of this foster family.  So I'm also trying to find news of who she lived with.

Because I know so little on her - know nothing of her family before.  Am hoping all the letters of inquiry I have out will bring some news to fill in the empty spots.

Your paper, the top half I'm sure is to start with yourself.  Then your folks - the - "if this is on your dads family --- grandmother - Lucy "Brown" Simpson <remarried> not sure of where - Browning, Montana or date -- you'll have to ask her.  Brown her maiden name - probably for paper should be Bodeen -

Granpa - Walter E. Bodeen, Oct. 8, 1915, Parshall, N. Dakota, died - Sept. 7, 1961, buried - Glacier Memorial Gardens - Kalispell, Montana.

Walter and Lucy Bodeen's -- children
Ronald Arvid
Cynthia Jane
baby Allen died
Trudy Joy
Ruby Jean
Sandra Kay
Rose Ann

grandma's bro's & sisters
Chester Brown
George Brown
Ethel and Martha

grandp's bro's -- no sisters
Clarence Bodeen
Allen Bodeen

great grandma -
Christine Risberg?  hope to find out if this is her birth nam.
July 15, 1893
Halsingland, Sweden
died - May 28, 1971
buried - Highland Cemetery - Great Falls, Montana

great grandpa -
Arvid Bodeen
Oct 17, 1889
? - Sweden
died - Nov 3, 1921
buried - Parshall Cemetery - Parshall, N. Dakota

Arvids parents name's were
Andrew Bodeen --- Anna Islad Bodeen.  don't know if the Islad is a middle name or her maiden name.

I truly hope to get all this straight by and by - and down on paper, so my grandchildren will be able to see their back history.

Hope this helps a little any how.  Let me hear from you again ok.

Aunt Susie