I'm 71 now

April 13, 87

Dear Geneva

I want to send you this letter, its about my family pictures, I fixed them up for Walter's second oldest girl, & I how I had to taken them back, & it took quite a few months in wondering what I'm going to so with my family pictures so it finally came to my mind, of this old pairs Gibson School, which was built in 1927 - went up there & asked to see the manager of this place a young girl, oh I'd say about 28 - or 30 years old she was very nice to talk to & asked her if I could put my pictures in here, for safe keep & she said yes - so then we got a big snow storm here with a foot of snow then had to wait till the snow & ice went out - so then I got them up there one day, but she never had time to go through & identify these pictures to her - then she wrote me this letter but they did look at them & you can read this letter she wrote to me - I was very proud of this letter, 11 or 12 pictures also of my conformation pictures & babtism certificates I framed myself - one picture of my mother I had enlarged 20x21 - cost me $8.00, I found a beautiful plastic frame & glass I'll identify to you when I send these five small pictures.  I want you to have these five pictures - yes - this pairs Gibson old school is used for a museum & historical society for pictures or anything that people want to put in there & they store them in there & they put them on display for a month or more, then they then they put them in storage again because they do not have room for all them to be on display all the time then you can see what she says about putting my pictures in some museum in North Dakota - I said that was a good idea, but I'd rather have my pictures to stay here in Great Falls so when the day comes they put all on display for the public to see then you can send me a letter when the day comes you put them on display & can bring some of my friends & we can look at them - if I send them to North Dakota I'll never see them again.

I wouldn't send no pictures to that youngest bro of mine,

Clarence Bodeen

P-S - your pictures are coming - I sent several to Alice Rasmusson & want you to have some & I sent some to Walter's son Westley Bodeen in Western Montana & several I put in this museum, so I have lots of pictures - it hurt me terrible of what that second oldest daughter of Walkter's daughter done to me.  I'll tell in my next letter.