Saturday 28, 87

Dear Geneva

Got your card 3 days ago so am getting ready to send the pictures I have of my self & things - so I got a stamped & addressed evelope to return them in - I have the pictures in an envelope inside of big envelope to help protect them - so you can do the same with yours too, & I will promise with all my heart & soul to get them back to you - I will all - after you get your pictures in envelope then too.  Why then you'll have to go to post office & have the postal clerk weight it up & see how much more postage it will take - its been 41 years since I seen you all.  Last week it started to rain here & then rained about a half inch & then it started to snow - we got almost a foot of snow here & been snowing off & on over since it got much cooler - & down to 7 above this morning so I hope it warms up now soon - that was a billion dollar moister job so it was real dry here farmers & ranchers & city folks sure needed it.  I thank God for it - be sure to get clerk at post office to see how much more postage it will take after you get your pictures in my letter for return - I got 88¢ on letter now.