Dear Bodeen,

Hello, my name is Carol Johnson.  We have not met.  I am writing in hopes that you are a relative or know of a relatives of a sick and dying man by the name of Joseph John Bodeen.

Mr. Bodeen has been out of touch with his family for years as far as we understand, now his memory is so bad he cant remember much of anything that will help us find his son or daughter at this important time, I appreciate any thing you may know and appreciate you taking the time to respond one way or the other.

I have gotten all the Bodeens out of the Phone Book thats how I got your address, I dont have a phone and cant afford to call everyone, this is why I am writting.


He's about 60 years of age.
He was born in Alaska, married there, was widowed there and ?
His father was a fisherman.
They were and may still be of Catholic background.
He suppossedly has a daughter in Seattle.  Her name is Molly or something like that, and her married name may be Whelan or Whalen or something close to that.
He is of Swedish or Nordic decent.
He mumbles something about being close to singer Theresa ? Brewer ?

Wish there was more,


Carol Johnson
417 A. ST. W.
Vale, OR.