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Gagnef 1989-02-15


The soldier Eric (Persson) Glad born 1843-06-14 in Lindan, Gagnef.
Married 1866-03-20 with
Sara Ersdotter born 1839-06-17 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (dead 1885-02-25)

Children      x)Anna born 1868-06-01 in Gröntuv, Gagnef.

Kerstin born 1864-06-24 in Gröntuv, Gagnef.
Carin born 1871-05-18 in GrUntuv, Gagnef. (dead 1871-05-26)
Erik born 1872-09-23 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (dead 1872-09-25)
Carin born 1874-05-03 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (dead 1874-06-18)
Erik born 1875-09-27 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (Moved to Amerika 1892-04-23)
Carin born 1878-03-30 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (dead 1879-06-02)
Carolina born 1880-05-20 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (Moved to Amerika 1898-06-27)
Brita born 1883-11-26 in Gröntuv, Gagnef. (Moved to Grytnäs 1898-08-03)


The soldier Anders Andersson Bodin born 1861-08-17 in Leksand.
Married 1886-06-12 with
*) Anna Ersdotter born 1868-06-01 in Gröntuv, Gagnef.
Anders born 1888-01-12 in Gröntuv, Gagnef.
Arvid born 1889-10-17 in Gröntuv, Gagnef.

The family moved to Leksand, Kopparbergs län 1891-08-15.

Erik (Persson) Glad born 1843-06-14 in Lindan, Gagnef, married fore the second time 1890-10-11 with
Niss Kerstin Jansdotter born 1846-02-16 in Lindan, Gagnef.

They moved to Grytnäs, Kopparbergs lan 1898-08-03.
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We don t have any birth certificates from the time 1868-1880, but we have the books of births and old registers om families.

I have wrote every informations we have about the Glad family, and I hope you like that.