Elk River, MN
April 30, 1989

Dear Lucille,

I don't know if I wrote to you after Christmas of not, but anyway  thought I'd write a few lines again.

How have you been?  We've been just fine, but for the usual aches & pains at times, but then we're not so young anymore.  I have written a couple of times to Phyllis, but she must be awfully busy so no time to write.  And I think someone told me she'll be in N.D. for the centennial, so maybe we'll see her out there too.

I have a question to ask of you.  Do you happen to know where Allen Bodeen lives, & his address?  I've asked Clarence for it, but I guess they don't keep in touch.  Seems too bad because there's not too many left of the relatives so we all should keep in touch at least once in a shile.  It's a shame because the younger ones of our families don't even know anything about the rest of the relatives.  I'm trying so hard to write a history of the Bodeen, Johnson family, but it's so hard to get any information from some of them.

Are you planning on going to Bowbells for their centennial celebration?  I understand a lot of out of state people will be back, both for that and the one in Kenmore, the 4th of July weekend and a lot re-unions also.

We're having such a cold spring.  I don't know if warm weather will ever come, and when it does maybe it will come with a bang! like last summer.

Well, I must close for now, and get this in the mail.  Hope to hear from you again.

Alice & Norville